The Gaillac vineyard

Discovery of the Gaillac vineyard

The Gaillac vineyard is one of the oldest in France. The establishment of the vines dates back to antiquity, the wines of Gaillac have developed over the centuries to achieve worldwide renown today.

The Gaillac vineyard: 400 wine-growing properties and private cellars

The range of Gaillac wines is certainly the richest in Occitania today. The appellation has distinguished itself in the past by highlighting the seven kinds of wines traditionally produced on the land. Each estate, chateau or cooperative has the opportunity to decline its cuvées in dry white wines, pearly white wines, sweet white wines with the mentionlate harvest, aromatic and robust red wines, rosé wines, red and white primeurs, sparkling wines generally from of the ancestral method.

Gaillac wine

The soils offer a rare natural diversity: alluvial terraces of the Tarn valley, undulating clay-limestone slopes, Cordese plateaus predominantly limestone, schist or stony soils.

They thus offer an unsuspected aromatic palette and make it possible to adapt to multiple contexts and occasions. From pleasure wine for the aperitif, to meal wine from grilled meats with game, there will always be a Gaillac to attend! The appellation surprises with the great diversity of its often indigenous grape varieties: braucol, duras, prunelart, far from the eye, ondenc, etc.

White grape varieties

Loin de l’oeil: used for fine dry white wines, fragrant and low in acidity. It is the oldest grape. Le Mauzac: moderately vigorous but very productive, it is used for Gaillac Doux and the ancestral method. Ondenc: for the production of dry white, of great elegance and complexity.

Red grape varieties

Duras: it is associated with Braucol or Fer Servadou, a rustic grape variety with very characteristic and original aromas. We also find Prunelart, a grape from the southwest, Syrah with its spicy notes and Gamay, used in the production of Gaillac Primeur.

Ancestral Method

Unlike champagne, the Gaillacoise Method is produced naturally, without the addition of sugar or expedition liquor. It is only the grape sugar that will ensure the first fermentation, the fermentation and the residual sugar contained in the Gaillac method.

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